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Scout Moore, Junior Ranger: Grand Canyon


Public Lands Alliance 2017 Partnership Awards, Honorable Mention

When her family takes a special trip to the Grand Canyon, which is WAY bigger than her own backyard, Scout is totally amazed. She cannot wait to explore. She is determined to become a REAL Junior Ranger at the park.

This delightful and humorous book appeals to the Junior Ranger in all of us. Her story will inspire kids to get outside and explore nature for themselves because…every day is a great day to explore.

By Theresa Howell, Illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler

ISBN: 978-1-934656-79-2

Hardcover, 32 pages of color illustrations, 10 1/2 x 9”

Ages 4 - 8

For Kids, GCA Publication, GCC Publication, Junior Ranger, Scout Moore