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Elevating Indigenous Voices at Grand Canyon

The power of storytelling.

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It can be easy to forget how much signs matter, even in a place like Grand Canyon National Park. For the hundreds of thousands of visitors who brave Grand Canyon trails each year, signs are literally lifesavers. Signs are just as crucial to building widespread love and enduring support for the park. Millions of visitors arrive each year, ready to snap photos of wayside exhibits and informational signs that describe the science, culture, and history of Grand Canyon National Park. Our visitors carry these stories with them when they return to their homes around the world.

Some of the most important stories come from Grand Canyon's Indigenous tribes - the peoples who call the canyon home and who have been here since time immemorial. But, due to the National Park Service’s history of removing Indigenous voices from the park, Grand Canyon still has hundreds of informational signs and panels that must be updated and replaced in order to properly elevate these voices to their rightful place.

Your Gift: Updating signage at Grand Canyon to elevate cultural stories

Your generous gift will help to:

  • Replace up to 200 interpretative wayside and kiosk exhibit panels throughout Grand Canyon National Park.
  • Transform the way the story of Grand Canyon is told, thereby amplifying the appreciation that visitors have for the 11 Grand Canyon tribal communities.
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Ed Keable

Superintendent Grand Canyon National Park

“Even though it may seem simple, park signage is vital. It lets us tell the story of Grand Canyon National Park, which helps us build lasting support among the millions of visitors we host each year.”

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Grand Canyon National Park
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